Sunday, October 21, 2007

Introduction: Maybe Not So Obvious

My daughter, Anne-Marie (who recently started a blog Core and Rind with her husband, Kevin), has been bugging me recently to start my own blog. If I send an e-mail to her and other family members (often with an attached photo or two), she will reply with something like "blog, blog, blog, blog!". I suppose that is because she believes that what I have to say should have a much larger audience and she wants to share the wisdom of her father with the rest of the world! So I'll give it a try, although at this point it remains to be discovered how much time I will have for regular blog entries.

I have lots of interests and concerns. Among those at the top of my list are environmental issues, especially sustainable transportation and housing. Other interests that will no doubt eventually show up here are bicycling, music, travel, swimming, running, skating, foreign languages and technology (especially technology for education and language learning). The blog's name, Obvious Moves, was originally motivated by my transportation interests, although the meaning of Moves is larger than that. The Obvious part has to do with searching for, discussing and finding solutions to problems that will eventually appear obvious (such as facilitating bicycle transportation in the world's towns and cities) but are not yet generally considered obvious by all or most individuals.

I also have lots of questions about many issues, and so I am planning to use this blog as a way of soliciting answers to my questions (and readers' related questions, too).

Now on to figuring out what my first real post will be about.


kevinPlusAmEqualsLove said...

Hi Gary,

Looking forward to your future posts and finding answers to your questions


Anne-Marie said...

I seem to have worn you down!! Yeah! Welcome to the blogosphere.